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Interview: Discover Hidden Journeys with Liesa Bissett

16 December 2014

When you want to know something, sometimes it’s best to go straight to the source. So last week we caught up with Liesa, Trafalgar’s European Product Development Manager, to get the lowdown on Hidden Journeys – our newest trip style. … Continue reading

Latin American Dances

09 December 2014

In many Latin American countries music and dance plays a very important role in daily life. There are dozens of dances that originated in South America and here are some of my favourites. Tango The tango is a passionate dance … Continue reading

Discover the flavors of Switzerland

03 December 2014

Switzerland has a unique geography, nestled between countries revered for their culinary excellence. Travelling from region to region, it’s easy to identify the culinary influence from Italy, France and Germany, with each region adding its own traditional touch.  Many Swiss … Continue reading

Swiss customs and traditions

03 December 2014

For a relatively small country, Switzerland offers an array of diverse cultures, heavily influenced from its esteemed neighbors: Germany, France and Italy. But binding it all together is a distinct Swiss mentality. In spite of diverse cultural influences, the Swiss … Continue reading

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Do you love taking photos? Share your Trafalgar photos with us and we will pay...

20 December 2014

Could you work out what country you're in from a single photo? Have a try: http:...

19 December 2014

We're thrilled to have won the Travel Weekly Best Tour Operator award in Europe...

18 December 2014


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19 December 2014

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19 December 2014

We're thrilled to have won the #Travel Weekly Best Tour Operator award in Europe 2014! Check out our trips to Europe: http://t.co/3KaZaWZqll

19 December 2014

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