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Travel scores big in Brazil

21 October 2014

This post is written by Theresa Szejwallo – Managing Director in South Africa Being in Brazil to enjoy the World Cup or watching from the comfort of your own home is one thing, but, enjoying a guided holiday across South … Continue reading

Our Travel Directors’ Favourite Spots

14 October 2014

Our Travel Directors are a diverse bunch of people and they come from all over the world. However they have one thing in common: They love to travel and they love sharing their travel experiences and knowledge with you. Here … Continue reading

Travelling on a Budget with Trafalgar

07 October 2014

Going on holidays might sometimes seem like an expensive indulgence, especially if you’re trying to put a trip together on your own. Often you’ll end up booking the expensive train or bus tickets, reserving rooms at a hotel which turns … Continue reading

How to enjoy a multi-generational family trip

30 September 2014

It’d been quite a few years since I’d taken a holiday with the family (my parents and younger brother). And those embarrassing arguments over where to eat and who wanted to see what were still ingrained on my mind. So … Continue reading

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Do you know why the Edinburgh Tattoo is called that? It comes from the closing-t...

22 October 2014

Check out Theresa's experience on our Best of South America trip: http://ow.ly/D...

21 October 2014

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21 October 2014


Explore the countryside of southern Ireland this year-end with Trafalgar's Irish Highlights itinerary. Book now: http://t.co/LYVqsNw5fi

23 October 2014

Check out Theresa's experience on our Best of South America trip: http://t.co/AwoACzBfbI #trafalgarinsider #Travel http://t.co/xA3bcaDKOj

23 October 2014

Top packing tips http://t.co/yJf17MHqwC via @MSNTravel #Travel #Tips

23 October 2014

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