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Where can you find the world’s best beer?

16 September 2014

Stout, wheat, lager, pale ale, IPA – beer is one of the world’s most popular drinks. With Oktoberfest fast approaching, this week we’re taking you on a journey – and raising a glass – to some of Europe’s best beer-producing … Continue reading

New England Fall Foliage

09 September 2014

The best place to go leaf-peeping in the USA is in New England.  From Connecticut to Maine, come October the scenery of the New England states will turn into a sea of red, orange and yellow hues. Here are a … Continue reading

What’s been missing from your travels?

02 September 2014

Recently, I was lucky enough to join one of Trafalgar’s trips around Europe, visiting the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and France. Working, for a travel company, I’m obviously a keen traveller myself and have been all over the world, but I … Continue reading

A Maori Hangi

26 August 2014

When travelling to New Zealand, you’ll notice that the Maori culture is very prevalent throughout the entire country. One of my most memorable experiences of my trip to New Zealand was having an authentic hangi dinner. A hangi is traditional Maori … Continue reading

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Did you know that it was Sultan Ahmet that started the building of the Blue Mosq...

16 September 2014

Scandinavians are friendly people, so this phrase will help you get off on the f...

15 September 2014

What country is this?

14 September 2014


Have you been to our new website? Take a look: http://t.co/s4imvdVFHF #trafalgarinsider #Travel

17 September 2014

Where's the world's friendliest #city? http://t.co/zPTHdpWvvl via @MSNTravel #Travel

17 September 2014

See more of the USA on our East Coast USA & #Canada trip. Make whoopie pies and relax at a #Niagara Falls winery http://t.co/j2ElkGn9iW

17 September 2014

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